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Leaning Lite Stand

Along similar lines to my Tent Pole Lite stand I have invented this light stand for use in confined spaces.

I shoot a lot of Yacht interiors and many cabins do not have enough space for a conventional light stand. I'm also often shooting these cabins while the Yacht is under way so my Tent Pole light stand design would not stay upright and conventional light stands would require weights to keep them from toppling over.

This stand uses a wall or a corner to support the light as if the third leg of a tripod.

This stand is very light, weighing just 120 grams. It stands at about 1.4 Metres and folds down to 45 cm long.

Just like my Tent Pole Lite Stand it is made from 5mm Carbon Fibre tubing, Kite hinges and a 3D printed Cold Shoe Head for the flash.

One end of the spreader is glued to the leg while the other end is free to slide along the opposite leg for folding.

Elastic line runs through each leg to keep the sections together when folded and to aid in deployment.

These are the Kite hinges I used. All the holes had to be drilled out to 5mm.

I put a piece of sticky back Velcro (Hook side) on the back face of the 3D printed head part so that I can attache a piece of microfibre cloth to prevent scratching or marking walls. I added some small rubber feet to the bottoms of the legs and a Velcro tie to keep it all together when folded.

If you'd like to make your own the STL file for 3D printing the head part can be purchased from my store here tho it could be replicated simply by drilling a couple of holes in a piece of wood and the attaching an off the shelf cold shoe mount.

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