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Tent pole light stand

Always looking for ways to reduce the weight and bulk of the equipment I travel with I came up with the idea for this extremely light weight light stand.

It is essentially three legs made of intersecting sections attached by elastic cord, much like some Tents use.

The sections are 5mm diameter Carbon Fibre tubing. The intersection overlaps are CF tubing with 5mm inner diameter.

This is the latest iteration of the Stand that I have been evolving for more than 10 years.

In this version I have redesigned the Head part that the Speedlight attaches to so that the weight is distributed more evenly across the three legs.

The stands three legs comprise of five, 450mm sections connected by elastic cord through the sections tubing. The stand is 1.95M tall.

The legs are kept apart by spreaders made from Carbon Fibre rod and hinging Kite fittings.

The stand weighs 220 grams and folds down to 450mm long

The head unit is not glued to the legs so can slide up and down the top sections of the legs to adjust the flash's height along the upper most sections.

Obviously there are severe limitations to where this stand can be used.

It won't work on uneven ground or in any breeze.

If you'd like to make your own Stand you can purchase the STL file for the head from my store to enable 3D printing. The other parts can be found at Kite supply stores.



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