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Event Coverage

One of my specialities is covering sailing events.

Be it for an event sponsor, a team or for the event organisers themselves.


The services I offer when covering an event include...



I shoot the action from many different angles, from on the water using chase boats, from the shore, from the air using helicopters or a Drone or from on board a competing yacht in and amongst the action.


Team or individual portraits

Stylised, artistic or just fun shots of the people competing or involved in the event gives the viewer a personal connection.


Local Colour / Venue / behind the scenes

I like to shoot images that give the viewer a feeling for the venue, the local environment and an appreciation for what goes into creating and running a successful sailing event.

I can shoot 360º interactive and immersive panoramas that give a web visitor a feeling of being there.


Prize Givings and Parties

The tears and the laughter, celebration and consolation are what it’s all about in the end.



At the end of the days shooting there is little point in a hard drive full of photos.

The day isn’t over until the photos have been edited, captioned and sent out into the world to be seen.

The photos can be delivered exclusively to the client for them to distribute as they see fit or I typically distribute the photos to a list of outlets agreed before the event. These can include the event sponsors, photo agencies, newspapers, magazines, websites, the events own media distribution site, the event Facebook page or blog and competitors.

I can also send images from the water during the event. where sufficient cell coverage exists.

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