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ISAF Emerging Nations Programme

This was a very nice change of pace for me as sailing event coverage goes.

ISAF hired me to document the first of their Emerging Nations Clinics in Fiji. It was a real privilege and a pleasure spending the week with Youth Sailors and their coaches from Fiji, Samoa, Paupa New Guinea, Vanuatu and Guam. A wonderful atmosphere full of laughter but also taken very seriously by the young sailors who obviously appreciated the incredible opportunity they were being given.

It was also a nice opportunity to try a more in depth type of coverage of an event than I usually do. The brief from ISAF was to be immersed in the life of the kids for the week and to document their experience at the clinic ,from sunrise to sunset.

So in addition to the sailing, I photographed their classes, their meal times and their interactions off the water with each other and with their coaches and teachers. These ended up being the images I am most happy with from the week.

Below is a gallery of some of those shots. (With a few sailing shots thrown in).


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