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Cardboard Architect

CAMPER shoe company who are sponsors for Emirates Team New Zealand’s entry in this edition of the Volvo Ocean Race commissioned Japanese Architect Shigeru Ban to design a pavilion. The pavilion will travel to many of the race stopovers and be used by CAMPER to hold parties and events for their friends and business connections as well as being a showcase and shop for their products. Shigeru Ban is famous for his disaster relief structures designed to be easily deployed, light and made from cardboard. The columns come in a variety of diameters and are designed to nest within each other to reduce the traveling volume of the building. It travels in several Shipping containers and can be erected in only a few days.

CAMPER invited Shigeru Ban to Alicante for the start of the race. I was asked to shoot Shigeru showing the Teams Yacht designer, Marcelino Botin and Mark Farrow, the graphic designer responsible for the teams livery around his creation. The Architect had also been asked to design a temporary Cathedral for Christchurch to replace the historic Christchurch Square Cathedral destroyed in the earthquake. I wanted to make a portrait that I hoped might be of interest to newspapers and media in New Zealand.

Japanese architect, Shigeru Ban (C), shows yacht designer Marcelino Botin (R) and Graphic designer Mark Farrow (L) around the CAMPER Volvo Ocean Race pavilion he designed.

I was only able to take up a few minutes of his tight schedule and so had to move pretty quickly. I set up one speedlight in a soft box slightly above camera right and dialled in the flash exposure to balance with the available light from the pavilion tungsten lighting.

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