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DJI Mavic 3 Hand Rig

DJI Mavic 3 Hand Rig


Use your Mavic 3 and RC controller as a hand held video Camera.

The rig is designed to be held and operated from the RC Controller for shooting video with the Mavic's gimballed camera. Useful for matching video with you flying footage and eliminating the need for a second camera.


Assembly will require additional items...

Two M6 x 32mm button screws

One M6 x 10mm  Countersunk screw for Cam lock

1/4"20 camera screw

1/4"20 Threaded insert

Two M4 x 10 mm screws


Once assembled the unit is made up of two parts. 

The Remote control mount is secured to the remote with the Two M4 x 10 mm screws and can be left on the Remote as it will not hinder it's normal use and incorporates a lanyard loop and palm screen guards.

The Mavic 3 Clamp unit is mounted to the Mavic 3 by squeezing it around the Mavic and engaging the Cam lock.

The clamp incorporates two wedged blocks that hold the rear motor arms out and away from the Gimbal.

The Mavic can then be attached to the Remote Control Mount using a standard 1/4"20 camera screw.

The Clamp unit includes a Swiss Arca profile in its base so that the whole unit can be placed on a Tripod.

Included is a file to print a cover to go over the two forward / lower motors so that their leds won't appear in reflections and the motors are protected when putting the rig down.

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