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DJI RC bracket

DJI RC bracket


I made this bracket for a couple of reasons.

1/ I wanted a lanyard attachment on the controller

2/ I was experiencing a scary situation where part of my palm would press the play icon on the screen while I was flying and I would lose the picture from the drone as the controller switched to review mode.


This design tackles both of the above issues. There is a lanyard loop and there are raised gaurds that prevent my palm from contacting the touch screen.


The bracket attaches using the two M4 threads built into the base of the controller and allows for using two M2 screws on the back of the controller. (These aren't really necessary)

You will need two M4 x 10mm bolts. Included in the download is a file to print knobs for the bolts so they can be fitted without tools.


There is still access to the two USB ports and the SD card slot with the bracket attached.


  • Printing

    I suggest printing the bracket with the base down as in the build plate screen grab. No support is required. Four rims, three solid layers top and bottom and 60% infill.

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