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Nano Clamp Companion

Nano Clamp Companion


This little Dog Bone looking thing that I have imaginatively named the Nano Clamp Companion allows small clamps such as Manfrotto's Nano Clamp to be used to mount photo gear to large objects. With the use of a webbing strap wrapped around the tree or pole or whatever the Dog Bone becomes a secure mount for small cameras, strobes, mics or other gear that would normally require a heavy, cumbersome stand. 

  • About this design

    How to Use .The Dog Bone is tucked under the strap and the clamp is tightened around the strap and Dog Bone. This creates more tension in the strap and locks Clamp, Dog Bone and strap securely to the tree or whatever.

    The Dog Bone design incorporates a hook for hanging reflectors or for cable strain releif.

  • Printer Settings

    • Alignment : feet down on the printer bed
    • Support : Not required
    • Shells : 3
    • Infill : 50% or more
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