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Monkey Grip

Monkey Grip


This is  very flexible tripod / clamp / grip made using a couple of printed parts, A 1/4" bolt and a Nite Ize Tie Gear 32".

Similar in operation to the popular Gorlla Pods.

  • About this design

    To Assemble

    1. Print the main body of the unit and the locking ring.
    2. Insert a 70mm 1/4" bolt into the main body from the bottom.
    3. Fold the Nite Ize Tie Gear 32" into six equal lengths to form the three legs. Comes in a pack of two for $15.20 in NZ 
    4. Starting at one end of the flexi tie, press the 'legs' into the recesses in the main body.
    5. Push the locking ring up and around the legs and main body.
  • Printer Settings

    • Alignment : Right way up on printer bed (photo four)
    • Support : Not required
    • Shells : 3
    • Infill : 25%
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