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Insta360 One RS 1" Clam Shell Case

Insta360 One RS 1" Clam Shell Case


This is my design for a case to protect my Insta360 One RS 1" camera from scratches to the lenses, unintentional activation and damage to the screen. This is a revission of a previous case I designed so that this new case can be used without having to disconnect the camera from the Selfie stick. The camera charging port can be opened and the camera charged while inside the closed case. 

  • Printing and Construction

    Can be printed without supports when oriented on the build plate as illustrated. I suggest three perimeters and 20% infill. 

    To assemble, Print the three parts, glue the clip to the base of the A half of the Clam Case

    The only hardware required is a 3mm x 32mm pin for the hinge.

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