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GoPro Hero Session 5 Tripod Mount

GoPro Hero Session 5 Tripod Mount


I lost the mounting frame for my GoPro Hero Session so I made this. It doesn't have the typical three pronged GoPro mount but uses a 1/4"- 20 threaded insert to make it more like most other cameras and so compatible with a far more varied range of mounting options like tripods and clamps etc. Requires one 1/4"- 20 x 15mm threaded insert (Available at hardware stores). The two round recesses in the front face are there to add 8 x 1mm magnets for possible future accessories. This is a pretty snug fit so the back door isn't strictly necessary but adds a bit of extra security.

Also makes a cool 80s era TV for a dolls house.

  • Printing tips

    All parts should be printed in the orientation depicted in the orange photo.
    Supports are not required.
    I recommend 0.2mm layer height, 40% infill and three shells for strength.

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