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Godox V1 Mega Multi Mount system

Godox V1 Mega Multi Mount system


Mounting system for Godox V1 flash units.

This mount enables attaching your V1 to a stand or any other Manfrotto style 16mm spigot and then being able to add collapsible spring steel softboxes, Bowens or umbrella light modifiers and colour gels.

The V1 Flash is mounted at the flash's head so is more robust than hot shoe attachment systems.

The mount has two sides. Inserted in one way enables umbrellas or spring steel collapsible soft boxes to be attached. Inserted the opposite way around enables the attaching of Bowens light modifiers.


Included in the Zip file are six STLs ready to be 3D printed.

They are the main flash mount, The stand bracket, The main Knob for setting the tilt, a knob for locking the unit to a stand, A gel clamp ring and a tool used to inset the captive nut in the stand bracket.


Extra hardware required are one M6 x 40mm Bolt, one M6 x 20mm bolt, two M6 nuts and four 8mm diameter x 1mm thick rare earth magnets for the gel clamp.

  • Printing and Assembly.

    Print the parts at 50% infill with three perimeters.

    Support isn't necessary when parts are oriented as in the build plate screen grabs.

    To assemble, push a M6 nut into the large knob, use a bolt to 'pull' the nut all the way into the recess.

    Push the 40mm M6 bolt through the flash bracket and stand bracket and into the Large Knob.

    Press the 20mm M6 bolt into the small knob. Tighten a nut on the bolt to 'pull' it all the way in if the nut recess is tight.

    To fit the captive nut in the stand bracket first press it into the nut insert tool. Put the tool in the spigot hole and use the small knob to pull the nut out of the tool and into the recess in the stand bracket.

    Glue the four magnets into the recesses in the flash bracket and gel clamp being careful to ensure the magnets are in the attract orientation on the opposite parts and the umbrella hole is in the correct orientation.

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