The services offered fall into four categories…

PRINTS, Looking for a print to hang on the wall of your home or business? …

STOCK, Looking for an existing photo for use in your advertising campaign or editorial article?…

ASSIGNMENT, Need a professional photographer to make images to your specific requirements?…

EVENT, Need your event photographed? …

Print Sales

Prints can be ordered from almost all of the images on this site.
If you find an image you would like as wall art…
From the image page click the ‘Add to Cart‘ link to the left of the image.

printimagepageThis will open a pop up window with three tabs in the top right corner.
By default it is open at the ‘Download’ Tab (this is for those wishing to license an image for commercial or editorial uses).
Use the ‘Prints’ tab for prints on paper that you can then get framed yourself, and the ‘Products’ tab for metal, canvas and special print options.printstab
Once you have selected the size and quantity, click the ‘Add to Cart‘ button to go on to payment and delivery options.
Payments are made online using PayPal.
Prints are made in the United States and can be delivered anywhere in the world.


Stock Library / Image licensing

Photographs can be used in a million different ways.
They can be used to illustrate a story in a blog, website, newspaper or magazine; to advertise a product on billboards or brochures or displays or on packaging. My photos have been on buses, posters, calendars, postcards, puzzles and stamps. One of my shots was even depicted using seafood by a Paella chef.
I have a catalogue of more than 60,000 images. Many of them can be found here and more are added regularly.
Almost all Images on the site can be licensed for one use or another.

Once you have found the image you’d like to license, click the ‘add to cart’ link on the image page.
Using the expanding menus, describe the proposed use of the image. (sorry, you won’t find Paella in the menu)
The window will calculate the fee for that use when all selections are complete.
You may then proceed to checkout and download the file.
Page capture of Stock image request from Chris Cameron Photography
You can find the stock images either by looking through the galleries as listed by category or by using the search page.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, there is still a chance I can help, contact me by email or phone me on +64 21 724 943 and I can have a look through the shots that aren’t online yet, to see if I have what you need.
A PDF of my terms and conditions for licensing images can be downloaded here.


Commissioned Photography

Commissioned editorial or commercial photography.
If you need world class images for your article, brochure, yacht listing, public relations or advertising campaign contact me by email or phone me on +64 21 724 943 to discuss your project.

CAMPER shoes advertising photography by Chris Cameron
Yacht brochure photography by Chris Cameron
Victory knives advertising photography by Chris Cameron

Nespresso magazine editorial photography by Chris Cameron

Omega Watches advertisement image by Chris Cameron

 A PDF of my terms and conditions for commissioned work can be downloaded here.


Event Photography

In depth coverage of sailing events.
I have photographed all manner of events… dinghies, Classics, big boats and small boats. Med Cup and World Match Racing regattas, The Barcelona World Race, Volvo Ocean Race and BT Global Challenge round the world races, Maxi and Superyacht regattas and five America’s Cups. I have worked for teams, event organisers and sponsors.
If you’re organising an event, sponsoring an event or a competing team and you want comprehensive, quality coverage, please  contact me by email or phone me on +64 21 724 943 to discuss your requirements.
Covering an event can include shooting the on the water action, team or individual portraits, local colour, venue, behind the scenes, prize givings, parties and finally image distribution / delivery.

On the water action.
I shoot the action from every angle. From chase boats, from the shore, from helicopters and drones or from on board a competing yacht in amongst the action.
On water action photography of sailing eventsOn water action photography of sailing events
Team or individual portraits
Stylised, artistic or candid shots of the people competing or involved in the event.

Local Colour / Venue / behind the scenes
I shoot images that give the viewer a feeling for the venue, the local environment and an appreciation for what goes into creating and running a successful sailing event.
Sailing event Local colour photography
I can also include interactive panorama’s that give a web visitor a real feeling of being there.

You can navigate around the scene with your mouse or by using the accelerometer when viewed on your mobile device.

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Prize Givings and Parties
The tears and the laughter, celebration and consolation are what it’s all about in the end.
Party and prize giving photography

Sailing event party and prive giving photos

At the end of the days shoot there is little point in a hard drive full of photos.
The day isn’t over until the photos have been edited, captioned and sent out into the world to be seen.
Photos can be delivered exclusively to the client to distribute as they see fit or, typically I distribute the photos to a list of outlets agreed beforehand. These can include the event sponsors, photo agencies, newspapers, magazines, websites, the event’s own media distribution FTP site, the event web site, Facebook page or blog and the competitors themselves.
I maintain a database of hundreds of magazines, websites, newspapers and other media outlets. I supply images to Photo agencies in the UK, France, Germany and New Zealand.
I can also send live images suitable for use in Social Media, from the water.
A PDF of my terms and conditions for commissioned work can be downloaded here.