Category: Technique

The articles listed here are about techniques I use either to capture images or to post process them.


Sunrise in Torbay

The weather over the last few days here in Auckland has been quite mild, clear skies, cold at night but unseasonably warm during the day. Lovely conditions for a clear sky sunrise. Also the middle...


Shooting party people.

Part of the job description for a team or event photographer is shooting the after match, or prize giving party type gathering. In this day and age there are people who are still apprehensive about...


I hate the Dutch!

The Dutch Tilt or Dutch Angle that is. The technique of tilting the horizon in a photo has been absolutely beaten to death by sailing photographers. You see it everywhere. A lot more often...


Shooting Boats from the Air

I was recently asked for some advice by a young sailing photographer who had just been hired to do her first shoot from a Helicopter. I had already been planning a post on this subject...


Boat interior, making nice, nicer.

Yacht interiors can be extremely difficult to make look as good as they should using traditional photography. Typically there is the issue of the inside being much darker than the view through the windows....


Lightroom editing, child’s play.

Came across this post yesterday on Peta Pixel. I bought the app Joystick Mapper mentioned by one of the commenters (NZ$6) and now have a Playstation controller set up to work on my MacBook Pro.     ...